BLive Live Q&A

Live Q&A

Whether its a Product launch, Conference, Professional development, Panel discussion, or something completely different – you need to consider how the Viewer can participate. Live Q&A is a great feature to ensure viewers can really be a part of what’s happening.

There are a whole range of tools available to engage real-time Q&A here are just a few that we use.

We have many Clients who love the simplicity and controls of Slido, which allow a moderator to identify only suitable questions to be viewed. Slido also includes the ability to run Live polls and Surveys in the stream.
We can advertise your Slido event code with an on-screen announcement, or we can embed our live stream directly into Slido itself, allowing viewers to ask questions directly from the one browser window.

Vimeo and Livestream
We can deliver a simple live Q&A direct from the video player which has a chat box option

A very simple strategy is an onscreen notice for people to SMS questions to a mobile number – these can then be collated and asked of the presenter/panel

Google Docs
We can incorporate live Google docs as a feed in any live stream – so you can be updating questions in real time from anywhere direct to the Audience


Sometimes having the presenter in the same room as the broadcast is just not possible.

During these Covid-19 times (with isolation and travel restrictions) this can be a good way to ensure business continuity with your staff, stakeholders, clients or other.  

There are a range of platforms we can integrate for remote presentations including sharing screens and PPT presentations. 

Most people have become familiar with Zoom since Covid-19. We are able to integrate zoom (Including a panel of presenters) into the Live stream – it needs to be done well, for your presenters sake as well as your viewers. We operate our own Zoom rooms to be sure there’s proper controls

Vimeo and Livestream
Both platforms have an internal remote speaker process where the speaker receives a simple email link that brings them directly into the production

MS Teams
Teams is a great platform that provides real versatility and security – we not only integrate this into our platform – We can manage your team meeting for. 

BLive Remote Presentations
BLive Audience Analytics


Not everyone can offer you the same depth of Analytics as we can. Don’t just get the number of views – Find out how many unique viewers watched, from which country, state and suburb, and on what device. Let your Board, Manager or Sponsors see a genuine return on investment with our in depth reports.


To Maximise your reach we can simulcast your event across multiple platforms. From multiple Facebook pages to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn and Instagram – we can have you LIVE across one or all of them. Maximise your audience with no additional effort or cost.

BLive Live Social Media Stream
BLive Audience Analytics


Sometimes all you need is the one good shot – but for every event we make much more available for you. Our base rate includes a standard package of 2-3 cameras – ensuring we will always give your event that professionally produced feel with live switching. 

By the time we’ve incorporated Video, PPT and any number of other inputs from live web browsers to remote feeds, your audience will appreciate that your Brand does things with excellence in view. 


For every event we produce we deliver customised graphics – from lower thirds, to watermarks, holding slides or templates for multi-picture screens… we use your corporate colours and branding to ensure continuity of your Brand from start to finish. And it doesn’t cost you a cent more – its included in the one price.

BLive Custom Graphics Live Streaming
BLive Perfect Audio Live Streaming


Nothing detracts from a Live Stream like poor quality audio. From amateurs using cheap equipment, to lip sync issues and spotty wireless reception – we have seen it all in the past nine years. We never cut a corner, working only with the right gear, and ensuring everything is perfect BEFORE we take you Live.


The minute your Live event concludes – the entire event is available instantly for your audience to go back and watch again! There’s no need to download it, or mess around with new embed codes for your website – the replay is right in the same Video player that was just live. Perfect!
BLive Instant Replay Live Streaming
BLive Live Commentary


A good commentator or MC can elevate your live stream to something people remember.

In the past nine years we have hosted hundreds of people in commentary positions all over Australia. There are just four people we trust with our reputation and yours. If you need a commentator or MC we can guarantee excellence – ask us.