Hosting an event in Sydney and looking for a professional live streaming service provider? BLive has got you covered!

At BLive, we help businesses and non-profits of all sizes to livestream their events around the world. We take pride in providing quality live streaming services to Government entities, banking corporations, the health sector, and universities. Our 10 years of industry experience allow us to turn your event into an engaging and professional live production. 

From interviews, AGMs, and conferences to concerts, fundraising galas, and client presentations, you can live stream in Sydney anytime and anywhere with Blive because we come to you with only the best quality broadcast equipment. So you don’t have to organise a thing

Live Streaming in Sydney

Hosting a physical conference or event has its own set of limitations. If you want to connect with your audience and increase exposure for your business, live streaming is by far the best option. 

Live streaming provides an opportunity for businesses and non-profits to host an event from anywhere without experiencing any restrictions. With live streaming, your guests or audiences can virtually attend the live event and get the complete benefit of networking while sharing necessary information. The number of guests or attendees is limitless. 

Your guests attending the event (with live streaming) are not restricted by the size of the venue, number of seats available, or the costs of travel and accommodation. They simply have to tune in and watch the event to learn more about your business and build a stronger network. Moreover, live streaming allows your guests to attend your Sydney live event from anywhere in the Country or around the world. 

For professional event live streaming in Sydney, Blive is the leader – get in touch with us!

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Why Live Stream?

Event live streaming is 6x more engaging than video content. It offers countless benefits to both businesses and non-profits of all sizes. Here are a few reasons why businesses should opt for live streaming in Sydney.

To Connect with the Audience

With live streaming, businesses are empowered to connect directly with their target audience. Almost nothing is as powerful as answering REAL-TIME QUESTIONS with your clients and potential customers. Direct communication builds incredible credibility among your potential customers.

To Promote Product or Service

Live streaming allows you to demonstrate how your product works and what type of service you provide to your customers. It presents you as GENUINE because there is no FAKE pre-written script. Viewers know they are making the right decision choosing your product or service because they are seeing it LIVE and UNEDITED – and that’s a great thing!

To Increase Business Exposure

Event live streaming is a powerful way to generate quality leads and increase brand exposure. As you share your product detail, and exchange real time information you are allowing your audience to understand your business thoroughly. At the same time – we can capture details such as email, phone numbers, and roles – to build a powerful lead generation spreadsheet for you.

To Generate Revenue

Live streaming can also help you generate revenue for your business. Yes we can place your content begins a Paywall – meaning you can sell tickets to your event with viewers paying you directly to watch your content.

Connect with Unlimited Viewers on Various Platforms with Our Live Streaming Services in Sydney

BLive allows you to reach thousands of viewers Globally. With our professional broadcast gear and industry-leading CDN, your audience can view your live event anywhere in the world, from any device, without any technical difficulties. Your live event can be broadcasted on multiple platforms at the same time – YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram. You can also drop our white label video player on any website to ensure seamless streaming, or simply share a customized URL.
Additionally, there is nothing we can’t incorporate into your live stream – but here are just a few popular platforms we regularly access for Clients

  • Youtube
  • Slido
  • Vimeo
  • Live Google Docs
  • Zoom
  • MS Teams
  • WebEx
  • Remote feeds
  • RSS Feeds

Our experienced team can also provide you with a range of audience analytics, including viewers email address, phone numbers and a range of other Custom data points that you might need. Creating a powerful follow up list for your business. 

All of our events are a multi-camera live stream to show your audience more about your business. Live stream in Sydney with BLive.

Why Choose BLive?

BLive takes pride in providing quality live streaming service to a range of businesses and industries – from Government entities, banking corporations, the health sector, and universities to technology, beauty, and more. Our live streaming crew members are highly passionate about assisting businesses and non-profits with their event views. 

With our years of experience and industry knowledge, we can offer the best professional live streaming service customised to individual business needs. Our live streaming service is trusted by multiple businesses and non-profits across the nation, namely:

  • NSW Health
  • NSW Parliament
  • Greater Bank
  • Newcastle Permanent
  • University of Western Sydney
  • Government House NSW
  • Loreal, Cerave, Armani
  • Primary Health Network
  • St John’s Ambulance
  • Uber Eats
  • Royal Easter Show
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Australian Defence Force

To get started with BLive, simply give us a call on 0431 402 735 or enquire online. We offer easy-to-use tools and support to make your broadcast a success.

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